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Pay Period Ending

April 15, 2014


Congratulations to our newest pin earners!

Suhanna and Barton Jens – Ruby 6 Star

William Cline – Silver

Michael Dolph – Silver

Maggie Hernandez – Silver


Congratulations to our newest pins in qualification

Jennifer Knight -Silver

Bob Mclendon - Silver

Nathan and Danna Ziegler - Silver


Top Recruiters and New Team Members

Kelly Stetzelberger - 3

Linda Mcglocklin - 3

Georgia Davenport - 2

46 New Distributors Joined Team Catalyst


25 New Advisors at 40% off for life

Teah Moore

Jennifer Davis

Judy Draggoo

John Mclendon

Mallory O’Brien

Stephanie Torrealba

Eric Olson

Kevyn Casson

Linda Mcglocklin

Nancy Paladino

Crystal Runions

Crystal Harrell

Chuckie Rauch-Torres

Kathleen Krafft-Watson

Barbara Kraxberger

TJ Ignowski

Amy Cooley

Dena Buchanan

Brenda Prentice

Robert Szender

Andrea St. Louis

Dale Wilder

Velda Kuhn

Amy Warbrick

Amy Demas



7K Club

Jennifer Knight


6K Club

Nathan and Danna Ziegler

Kimberly Szender


4K Club

Bob Mclendon

Kelly O’Brien


3K Club

Teri Duke

Kathleen Rauch

Suhanna and Barton Jens



Top Override Checks

At AdvoCare we get paid 5 ways. Override is just one of them!

Other than Steven and Edie